We install all of our client's properties with Smart Locks and energy efficient equipment that is operated by blewberrie Agents!

No More Lock and Key Expenses

  • All Properties are controlled by our Leasing Agents who are hands-on and available 24/7.
  • After Renters have been verified and excepted by blewberrie, they may call or text the Leasing Agent to view the properties on their approved list.
  • It's that easy!



Our communication with our Property Owners and Renters are our strongest asset. 

Blew Berrie takes the hassle out of the renting process for both parties. 

Now Your're Blew Berrie Smart!

Why Private Rental List?

When Property Owners place their assets on the open market to be rented they are asking for burglars and squatters to enter the home because they know the home is either empty or soon will be.

We Identify each visitor to the properties and keep the Landlord's property safe from those who have other intentions with their property.

Plus we keep the tenants safe from break-ins and unwanted activity at the property.  

Renters Must Be Cleared Before Accessing a Blewberrie Property 

  • Apply on our site to have your identity confirmed - each property cam reconfirms.
  • $25.00 Application fee is reviewed and on file.
  • We promise safty and family protection at all of the homes we represent!


blewberrie will benefit your tenants, increase your renewals and allow you to profit.

We use a smart way to lease  with tenants for the additional cost of our guarantee paid along with their rent each month. Thereby, receiving the protection of security deposits, non taxable profits from guarantee, increased renewals, and tax deductions paid by tenants on your behalf.

And for the tenants, they'll pay a discounted amount that’s non refundable but won't have the huge cash outlay. The guarantee is paid in full after 12 months. Thereby, leaving the tenant a lower 2nd year rent even after a 4% rent increase. The 3rd year rent is slightly higher than the 1st year along with another 4% rent increase. So tenants renew due to not seeing an increase until the 3rd year, if there is another 4% rent increase, allowing them more time to save for home purchase.

We're underwritten by Selective Insurance Group.

Renters are vetted and will have an email list sent to them of all available properties they qualify for. Blew Berrie Leasing Agents will assist with the moving process, and rental payments are accepted  through Bluepay.