We do not post properties on our site; instead, our network of property owners have millions of private listed properties available for renters.

We e-mail lists to our future guests once they have submitted an application to join our rental network. 

Blewberrie puts an end to the  tug of war between Landlord & Tenant.

Blewberrie is committed to transforming renters into clients for realtors from day one of joining our exclusive network.

Once enrolled with blewberrie, we send you an e-mail with a private list of properties.

Blueberrie is not just some corporation sitting in a fancy office, we are family operated and family orientated with morals and values in place and implemented in our everyday business practices.

Blewberrie.com is an automated, smart property management company that takes public rentals to private markets, and provides a layer of protection for the property owner's and renter's assets.